The Phillips Screw Company are the proud inventors of the PSD® drive system which provides the game-changing advantage of Stick-Fit®.

This technology has now been applied to a multi-lobed, TORX® style drive system called HEXSTIX®. This now provides a Stick-Fit® connection for installers who prefer a TORX® style drive system over cruciform.

HEXSTIX® drive systems eliminate cam-out effects and are suitable for applications where a high insertion torque is required.

All Phillips products with a HEXSTIX® recess come with a high quality driver bit included in the box. When the screw is engaged on to the bit it locks on using a mechanical fixing. This fixing keeps the screw attached to the driver bit.

As the screw does not need to be held during installation the user has a free hand to exactly position the component being fixed. This game-changing approach means that once professional installers and DIY'ers have tried Stick-Fit® screws very few will return to traditional types of fixings.

HEXSTIX® recesses are also backwards compatible with traditional TORX® driver bits. This means that if a user was to lose the HEXSTIX® driver bit, screws can still be inserted and removed using the equivalent sized TORX® driver bit (note: Stick-Fit® will not be achieved when using standard TORX® driver bits).