Features and Benefits

PSD® Recess Giving Stick-Fit™

Self-Countersinking Head with Ribs

High Quality Weather-Resistant Coating for Outdoor Use

Class Leading Strength

High Quality Steel

Sharp Point for Rapid Startup

The Ulti-Mate® Decking Screw is a high-performance screw that is ideal for all types of outdoor timber construction projects.

A high quality Stick-Fit™ driver bit is included in every single box of Ulti-Mate® Decking Screws. Once the screw is engaged to the driver bit the patented PSD recess gives a Stick-Fit™ connection that enables one-handed installation.  One-handed installation makes positioning deck boards or fitting timber fence panels an easier, faster job. 

Another major benefit of Ulti-Mate® Decking Screw is the class-leading strength. These screws are built strong! Simply put, more metal is used when manufacturing our screws versus the competition. A thick core diameter gives superior strength throughout the body of the screw and also under the head area.

Ulti-Mate® Decking Screws feature a sharp point with a prominent thread at the tip. This allows for a rapid start and immediate thread engagement, saving you precious time and effort. You will spend less time attaching deck boards/fencing and you will be able to drive more screws per battery-charge compared to competitors' products.

Once the Ulti-Mate® decking screws are inserted you can be confident that they will last. The high quality, weather-resistant coating will keep the screws rust-free for many years.

The following short video highlights the features and benefits of the Ulti-Mate® Decking Screw:

Ulti-Mate™ Decking Screw
Ulti-Mate® Decking Screw

Ulti-Mate® Decking Screw