Features and Benefits

PSD® Recess giving Stick-Fit® for Solid, Stable Driving with no Wobble and One-handed Installation

Stick-Fit® Eliminates Dropped Screws

Suitable for Both Timber Batons and Metal Studs

Black Phosphate Coated

Very Sharp Point

Screws are Cleaned to Prevent Splinters or Swarf

The Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screw is the most user-friendly drywall screw available on the market today.

A high quality Stick-Fit® driver bit is included in every single box of Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screws. Once the screw is engaged to the driver bit the patented PSD recess gives a Stick-Fit® connection that enables one-handed installation.  One-handed installation makes positioning and fixing plasterboard an easier, faster job. 

The Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screw is also highly versatile as it can be used to fix all types of boards to either timber batons or metal stud framing. The sharp point gives instant engagement and rapid insertion, saving you time and effort. The thread is designed to give industry-leading holding power that prevents drywall boards from stripping from the framing.

All Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screws are mechanically cleaned to remove oil, metal splinters and swarf. This is a major benefit that will be appreciated by installers who have experienced the pain of metal splinters from using inferior quality drywall screws.

The following short video highlights the features and benefits of the Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screw:

Ulti-Mate™ Wood Screw
Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screw

Ulti-Mate® Drywall Screw