The Phillips Screw Company was founded in 1935 to supply the American automotive industry with, what is now, the world-famous Phillips recess. Replacing slotted screws with the Phillips cruciform recess was a major industrial advancement at that time.

Since its foundation, the Phillips Screw Company has prided itself on its commitment to innovation and quality.

The Phillips Screw Company designed and invented the Phillips head recess and later the Pozidriv® recess. The latest iteration of the cruciform recess is the patented POZISQUARE® recess. This recess provides the unique Stick-Fit® connection to enable the revolutionary one-handed installation. This gives the operator a free hand to position the component being fixed.

Following the introduction of a StickFit® cruciform recess a TORX® style multi-lobed recess with the benefits of Stick-Fit® was developed. We call this recess HEXSTIX®.

All products designed by the Phillips Screw Company are developed with the end user in mind. This is why our screws have class-leading strength. We understand how frustrating it is when screws break or heads snap off.

All Phillips screws are manufactured to the highest quality. The materials used are always the best available. This includes the steel used to manufacture the screws as well as the wax lubricants and weather-resistant coatings. We manufacture our own tooling to ensure that all of our screws are made to exacting tolerances. This ensures that the last screw in the batch is as good as the first.

Phillips screw designs are used extensively in the aerospace, military and automotive sectors. This is because in these high-stress environments well-designed, quality products are essential. You can be sure that if you purchase a Phillips Screw Company product you are getting the same commitment to quality whether the screw is intended for use in a jet engine or for DIY use at home.