Timber Wolf® MORTORQ® Screws


  • HEXSTIX® Recess giving Stick-Fit®
  • High-Quality Stick-Fit® Driver Bit in Every Tub
  • Heavy Duty Design for Class Leading Strength
  • Type-17 ‘Slash’ Point to Drive through Timber
  • Double Angle Self Countersinking Head with Ribs
  • 3x Spiral Rows of ‘Flutes’ – grooves in the thread to reduce wood splitting
  • High Quality Steel and zinc plating
  • Premium Wax Lubricant for lower insertion torque


The Timber Wolf® Exterior Wood Screw is a high-performance, weather resistant screw that is ideal for a wide range of outdoor timber projects. This multi-purpose product can be used for fixing hard wood, soft wood, man-made timber boards (e.g. MDF, plywood, chipboard & OSB) and sheet metal.


A high-quality Stick-Fit® driver bit is included in every single box of Timber Wolf® Wood Screws. Once the screw is engaged to the driver bit, the patented HEXSTIX® recess gives a Stick-Fit® connection that enables the screws to remain attached to the bit whilst allowing one-handed driving. One-handed driving allows the free hand to position whatever is being fixed into exactly the required position.


Another major benefit of Timber Wolf® Exterior Wood Screws is the class-leading strength. These screws are built strong! Simply put, more metal is used when manufacturing our screws versus the competition. A thick core diameter gives superior strength throughout the body of the screw and under the head area.


Timber Wolf® Exterior Wood Screws also feature a Type-17 ‘Slash’ style point with prominent thread at the tip. This allows for a rapid start and immediate thread engagement, saving you precious time and effort. The Type-17 point cuts through timber fibres eliminating the need for pre-drilling in almost all timbers.


Other benefits include: 3x rows of spiral grooves, or ‘Flutes’, in the thread to reduce pressure build up as the screw is inserted. a double-angle countersunk head complete with ribs for a flush finish, and a premium wax lubricated finish to reduce insertion torque. 


Timber Wolf® Exterior Wood screws are supplied in a handy, weather resistant, plastic tub.