The Ulti-Mate® Range of Products

Each product in the Ulti-Mate® range of high-performance woodscrews contains a number of specific design features that, in use, give real-world benefits for both trade and DIY users alike.

The range is designed around the PSD® Stick-Fit® drive system. Every product in the Ulti Mate® range contains at least one Stick-Fit® driver bit in the box. The Stick-Fit® drive system gives smooth, stable driving and one-handed installation. This makes a wide range of tasks both quicker and easier when using Ulti-Mate® screws.

All products in the Ulti-Mate® range are manufactured using the highest quality materials. The heavy-duty designs give class-leading strength and deep, prominent threads give rapid insertion and strong holding power. Specially designed heads ensure a neat finish every time.

To discover more about the products in the Ulti-Mate® range, please click on the product-specific links below: