The Timber Wolf® Range of Products

Timber Wolf® is a new range of high-performance, heavy-duty woodscrews designed for both DIY and professional trade users.

The range is primarily designed around the HEXSTIX® Stick-Fit® drive system. Every product in the Timber Wolf® range contains at least one Stick-Fit® driver bit in the box.

The HEXSTIX® drive system enables smooth, stable driving and the high contact area between the driver bit and the screw recess enables maximum power transfer to the screw. Stick-Fit® technology enables one-handed installation making installation an easier, faster job.

The Timber Wolf® range also features a heavy-duty landscaping screw built using the MORTORQ® drive system. This drive system was developed for the aerospace industry and enables wobble-free driving and maximum power transfer when installing large landscaping screws into timber products.

Timber Wolf® products are more than just a drive system. Each product in the range contains a range of design features that bring real-world benefits when using the products. To discover more about the products in the Timber Wolf® range, please click on the product-specific links below: