Popular brands have often partnered with influencers to get their brand out there. An influencer is someone with a following of anywhere between 10,000 to millions of followers. When partnering with an influencer, it is important to make sure their following fits your target audience and brand.

Are their followers the same age, location, and have the same interests as your target audience? For example, if you are a joiner, you do not want to pick an influencer with a fashion following. You also want to make sure their followers are real. What does their comment section look like? Once you check, you’ll know what’s legit and what isn’t.

For example: Do they have 1 million followers with only 3 comments? Sometimes it is better to go with a micro-influencer (10-50k followers) with a real following of people in your target audience than a macro-influencer (100k plus) with fake followers and/or a brand that doesn’t fit with what you do.

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