Add comments to existing posts
Winning at LinkedIn

When you (or people you follow for a connection) share trusted relevant content, adding comments allows for greater visibility in your feed and the ability to express why a particular piece matters.

Well-expressed sentiments also promotes engagement from other users who may agree or disagree with what’s being shared, but either way this raises your profile.

Top-of-mind recall is the holy grail of advertising and marketing: I say cheeseburger, you say Mc Donalds or Burger King. I say Cola – you say Coke or Pepsi. The point is that by keeping your presence uppermost via frequent comments, you keep top-of-mind with those you seek to impress.

You can also share associated articles from trusted sources in response to a post to extend the conversation and demonstrate your understanding of the construction industry.

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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