This might seem a daunting prospect, but there are a lot of really good apps available out there that work on your phone. Remember, the edit is as important as getting good footage!

For beginners, choosing the right editing software is important. We’d like to recommend a user-friendly option with intuitive interfaces and lots of functionality which will make the editing process smoother and less overwhelming.

Capcut – my 14 year old uses this – so there are no excuses to avoid this bit! It will enable you to add different scenes that you’ve filmed, do cool transitions and add music and special effects (go easy on the special effects is our advice).

If you want to upgrade – you can add extra functionality by paying a monthly subscription, but to be honest, it does everything you need in the free version.

Other free apps to consider include Quik, iMovie, or InShot – which are also are great starting points, providing essential features. Adobe Premiere Rush offers more advanced capabilities for those looking to explore professional editing. Once you get into it – it’s more fun than playing Candy Crush or Call of Duty – and it’s helping to grow your business – so there’s that too!

Things to remember:

Get rid of any clips with unwanted background noise – people talking / swearing / sirens / dogs barking…

If you’ve filmed more than one clip of your work – use the best ones – not all of them.

If you get people on camera saying how good you are – don’t cut too soon after they finish talking – or too slowly – both look bad. Find that ‘sweet spot’.

Remove any shaky or juddery bits from clips – especially pay attention to the start and end of pan or zoom shots – the bits in the middle are usually the best.

Experiment with different apps to find one that suits your needs. Don’t forget to add your business information at the end so that people can get in touch with you.

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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