Testimonials from satisfied clients, the ultimate trust builders for builders! When you feature a happy client in your video content, you’re putting real-life experiences and authentic endorsements front and center.

People don’t believe adverts and actors, they don’t even believe influencers, but they do believe genuinely satisfied customers.

This can boost confidence in your offerings and help potential customers overcome any doubts they may have. A compelling testimonial humanizes your brand and adds a personal touch, showing that your business genuinely cares about its customers.

Always ask only when people are 100% happy and catch them as soon after completion as possible – whilst they’re all aglow with admiration for your efforts!

Ask them 4 questions

Ask them how they found you

Ask them why they had the work done

Ask them if they’re happy with everything

Ask them if they would recommend you to others

Edit out your voice so the movie is just their answers and you’re ready to share with the world!

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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