Another way to extend your reach and build an authentic following is to work with micro influencers (less than 50K followers). Why micro and not macro influencers (500K to 1M followers)?

There are several reasons why micro influencers can be a perfect fit for brands, especially those just starting out on an influencer strategy or those looking to target a precise niche:

Affordable rates (some will even do free collaborations in exchange for a free product or service).

Higher genuine engagement (macro influencers have a ton of followers, but the engagement isn’t always high or authentic)

More influence (believe it or not, smaller influencers tend to have closer relationships with followers, so there’s higher trust when they recommend a brand)

So how do you choose the right influencers to collaborate with? Here are a few things to consider:

Audience: Are they targeting the people you want to connect with?

Engagement: Do they get regular engagement, and what type (comments and shares are worth more than likes alone)?

Reach: How many people see their social media posts? Compare this to their engagement rate.

Quality: Is the content valuable to your target market? Does it align well with your brand values?