Focus on your relevant skill sets
Winning at LinkedIn

The key to making your skills page more engaging is identifying which skills are most relevant. It’s one of the quickest wins on LinkedIn – scroll through and find those that apply.

Add as many as you can, as long as they remain relevant to the role or opportunity that you have your sights set upon.

If you have a long list without any core concepts, others may get lost in translation when trying read about what kind-of person or business could use abilities such as yours because there won’t be anything specific enough for them to focus on.

Think of a core concept as a fundamental ability – for example Marketing Skills: Within that you could include SEO strategy, Copywriting, Social media content creation, etc.

If you’re skills are wide and diverse, categorisation will help to simplify the value you offer – an as we have said before, always lead with value and positive outcomes.

So your marketing headline might read: ‘Increasing commercial retail sales opportunities through marketing skill sets’.

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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