The worst thing you can do is to film someone’s home or business and stick it all over social media without asking their permission. It’s not only bad for your relationship – but they may vent in a negative online review which will harm your business reputation.

Getting permissions for video content is crucial, especially when filming in someone’s home. Release forms are the key to establishing a clear and legally binding agreement. Start by asking the homeowner politely, explaining how it will help your business (if they’re happy with the work, they’ll usually be happy to help).

Offer a detailed release form download here

This will outline all the terms, filming details, and rights granted to your business. By reviewing and signing the form together, both parties show commitment, protecting your business and building a positive relationship with homeowners. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask for a Google review, allowing others to hear about their positive experience working with your business!

You should also ask if they would be happy to be filmed giving a quick video testimonial – just a few words about how good you are. They can only say no – and you’ll be surprised how many say yes – flattery will get you everywhere!

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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