Share long form thought leadership pieces
Winning at LinkedIn

Sharing long-form content is a great way to start conversations on LinkedIn. Publish long posts and use them as an opportunity for networking with others, while also building your knowledge base by commenting or sharing other peoples’ work in order stimulate discussion within the community of professionals you are engaging right now.

Thought leadership pieces refer to the future as seen by the most reknowned professionals in the construction retail industry. Follow your CEO, your Operations Director, your Marketing Manager and so forth: What are they posting / talking about?

I know what you’re thinking: “This seems like a lot of work to curate and share the content” – and you’re absolutely right: But there is a short cut.

Introducing Google Alerts – google alerts

Google Alerts acts as your automatic Google researcher. Simply type in the words and phrases, set the search to UK and search for news and Google will deliver the most relevant and up-to-date content on that topic. It’s worth pointing out that it is still a little like panning for gold – so be prepared to spend 20 minutes a week selecting the golden nuggets to concentrate upon.

For example ‘AI in the construction industry.’ You’ll get a daily / weekly (preferable) email with all the latest.

At an interview, there’s little chance that an in-depth knowledge of this subject will play a direct role in your success – but we create content around AI specifically for C Suite level people in construction.

The fact that you are interested too conveys ambition – a valuable commodity. If you search around our marketing toolkit, you’ll see other content which whilst not relevant to you directly, will impress those above you if you’re seen to be interested in it.

So if there you have it: Follow these guidelines and if there are 5 people up for a regional manager role and only you have read these articles, we’d eager your chances of success are vastly improved. Or maybe your regional manager will notice your increased sense of purpose and put you forward for a raise 😊

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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