Share relevant marketing collateral
Winning at LinkedIn

Sharing marketing collateral is a great way to show your audience that you’re serious about your role. Always be sure to share from trusted sources for extra resonance.

This could be global players in construction, recognised and trusted business media sources, right through to noteworthy individuals you follow or are connected with.

Remember to include 2nd and 3rd connections as this will potentially smooth the way for a connection request from you at some point.

Finally, remember the acronym RUI – it should be used on EVERY post you share:

Ask yourself honestly: Is the content you’re about to share:

  • Relevant – is it about construction / retail construction?
  • Useful – is it new, fresh information that will benefit the reader?
  • Interesting – is it well written / an interesting infographic or video interview?

If the answer to those three questions is ‘yes’ – then share with confidence. For added traction, ask a question about the content to try to stimulate a conversation. That way you might get responses and that in turn increase the engagement score of your post.

This means that LinkedIn’s algorithms will ‘bump up’ your post in the feed of people you might want to get to know and increase your visibility. In that example we first quoted, a man didn’t get a dream role because 20% of his overall suitability score was based upon the quality and frequency of his LinkedIn ‘presence’.

Frequency is also important – don’t think that by doing this twice, you’ve got the job done. It’s an ongoing process that will serve to improve your visibility and desirability to a potential employee.

Finally – don’t forget to bookmark the pages / articles you share: You might get quizzed on them in an interview. You just have to remember the overall ‘takeaway’ – not the article word-for-word. For example – the overall takeaway for this blog post is ‘sharing relevant useful and interesting content helps raise your profile on LinkedIn’.

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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