Ready to conquer social media with your videos? Now you can! Timing is crucial. Share your content during peak times. The best places to share are Facebook and Instagram – and in your business page (tell me that you have one, right?) you can use the Meta Business Suite to plan your posts. The best tool is found when you arrange to schedule a post. If you just hit ‘Publish’ – your post will be put online immediately at the exact time you press that button…

BUT if you hit schedule and then click on ‘active times’ – you’ll see the best times to post on both FB and Instagram – plus you can post to both at once, assuming your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook one.

This is a game changer – let the platform do the work for you and decide when your post will get the most views.

Also add hashtags: Using relevant and popular hashtags can help carpenters or joiners increase their visibility on social media platforms and reach a broader audience. Here are some potential hashtags that might be useful:














Remember to use a mix of specific and more general hashtags to cater to different audiences and enhance your chances of getting discovered.

A final tip is to include location-based hashtags to target your local audience.

And if you we’re reading this and laughing because you know deep down that you’re never going to get to grips with even the basics of video editing – don’t despair – we’ve got a hack for that in the next and final instalment in this series 😉

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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