Telematics in construction

Telematics is a term that’s used to describe the combination of telecommunications and information technologies. It’s been used in engineering for many years, but there are now many applications in the construction industry – from tracking vehicles and equipment to improving safety on job sites.

The benefits in use are numerous: Prevent people without access from plant vehicles. Maintain plant equipment longevity by ‘reminding’ you when servicing schedules and repairs are required. Monitor and report on the efficiency of plant equipment in use, using the collected data to inform new purchase choices.

One of the most exciting uses of telematics in construction is remote monitoring, which can be used to collect data directly from machinery and equipment while they’re being operated by workers onsite. This information can then be sent back to an office where it can be analyzed, providing valuable insights into how efficiently a company is operating, what problems might require attention, or whether certain pieces of equipment need maintenance or replacement. And this kind of monitoring isn’t limited only to large companies – it can be applied to small construction firms, as well.

Another application of telematics in the construction industry is optimizing routing for equipment and personnel. This can improve safety onsite by reducing the need for workers to travel long distances between locations and preventing them from getting lost or stuck on job sites. It also saves time that might otherwise be wasted driving around or waiting for equipment to arrive at a particular site, which means projects can get started sooner and completed faster.

Telematics is only limited by our ability to imagine new uses for it – so who knows what other applications we’ll see over the next few years? But one thing’s certain: with its many benefits, it’s poised to play an increasingly important role in construction going forward.

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