Create a blog for your business.

Fresh content is the nucleus of a successful social strategy. Commit to consistently creating new and relevant content to keep your target audience engaged and interested.

An excellent way to keep your content fresh is to compile a list of common questions and create blogs that will address them. This can equate to at least one new blog post per week. Combining your blogging and social media strategies can help your content reach a larger audience.

For example, you can create a social media post with a tip for your followers and a link to your blog post that expands on that tip. This action can help drive more traffic to your blog and enhance your follower engagement.

Your social media team can use SEO tactics to increase organic traffic to your blog content.


Bold, brave approaches can sometimes achieve breakthroughs. Embrace and experiment with each platform’s content types while using your audience’s taste and your brand values as guide rails for experimentation.

Tap into employees

Some of your most influential brand advocates are the people behind your brand: your employees. Leaning into employee advocacy as a part of your social media strategy is one of the most effective ways to amplify your content, humanize your brand and engage your audience.

In our recent survey, 87% of Millennials shared they feel more connected to brands when they see employees sharing information about them online and 81% think it’s important for employees to post about their company, up from 72% in 2022.

Host a competition

There are a lot of smart ways to engage and grow your audience. Hosting a contest is just one of them. The good thing about having a competition is that there are so many clever little ways to make it a win-win for you and your followers.

You could ask them to comment to take part in the competition, tag their friends or re-share your content, start a hashtag trend related to you or your products or have them produce something in exchange for exposure or a prize. You grow your following and engage your audience at the same time as they get exposure and potential new followers or win a sweet prize.