Staying up to date with current trends is helpful for growing your social media following organically. Social media platforms may introduce updates like being able to shop in-app or allowing longer videos, which they will likely promote. People and brands that adopt these new features earlier may have a better chance at visibility.

Take note of what’s popular on each platform to spark inspiration and figure out what to add to your social media strategy. The most successful brands pick the right trending content and use it. Trends can help brands feel modern and be a part of pop culture.

But be warned: there’s a fine line between being “trendy” and “over the top.” If you see a new type of video like a snap to decorate on TikTok or trending audio on Instagram, make sure it’s on brand and value adding before you post content of your own.

‍Pro Tip: Pinterest launched Pinterest Trends, so you can discover what’s trending each week to get inspiration for posts. Pinterest Predicts forecasts future trends to help you plan in advance.

Use relevant hashtags on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn to help your profile and posts be discovered by relevant community members, growing your social media followers.

On Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, you have to find hashtags that people in your target audience are more likely to check. These users will be more likely to follow your account if a relevant connection is made. It’s best to use various hashtags, from very niche community-based hashtags to larger, more widely used hashtags. Avoid spam hashtags like #love or #holiday that are too generic, and always vary the hashtags you use to avoid a shadowban.

On LinkedIn, it’s best to use more generic hashtags as these act as keywords. So if you’re posting about luxury property, using #luxuryproperty is a great place to start.

Finally, use a hashtag funnel. Start with your industry, then move on to your niche, then your brand, then your community, then your location and specific product hashtags based on the post theme.