Every social media platform has a slightly varied purpose, so each requires a different approach.

Instagram Reels can be used to reach new audiences and increase engagement. Native videos encourage your followers to engage with your content – find trending sounds and use these in your videos. We’d recommend posting at least one reel a week.

Twitter is a fast-paced channel, so it’s important to act fast and ensure your content remains relevant. Images perform better than videos on Twitter, so we recommend using high-quality visuals to curate your brand story.

For LinkedIn, keep up to date with your industry’s discourse and create an opinion piece around that conversation. LinkedIn articles, especially thought leadership, perform well. Moreover, creators are taking to LinkedIn, infusing personality in their posts, and standing out as experts in their respective fields. The platform has historically been used for B2B marketing, but in 2023 expect to see a shift in the content shared. If you’ve overlooked LinkedIn in the past, it might be time to reconsider.

Facebook – join in the conversation! Comment, like, and share. Engage with your audience to drive dialogue.