We asked some of the best film makers in the UK for their advice: Here are some top tips to make sure your videos ‘pop’.

Do’s for video production:

Prioritise good lighting, it’s key to a high-quality video, if people can’t properly see your work, you’ve missed an opportunity.

If you’re doing a piece to camera or getting a customer testimonial, don’t forget about sound quality either; there are links to suggested mics you can use in part one of this series.

A tripod is an absolute must to avoid shaky shots. Pan slowly and surely – or just leave the phone to record on the tripod, giving a stable shot of your work.

Plan ahead – walk around the job with your phone in photo mode to work out the nest and most flattering angles from which to film. Do this before you begin to film – it will save time later, both in terms of filming and editing.

Vary your shots with creativity. Don’t just use one camera position – use a few and join them together in the editing software later – it will make the video more compelling to watch.

Add a little background music to set the right mood – there are lots of free options you can use and Instagram will allow you to add music when you upload your final video.

Don’t forget that your video should serve as an advertisement for your business – so make sure you add a ‘Call to action’ at the end – where people can see your name and logo and how to get in touch with you.

Don’ts for video production:

Don’t walk around with the camera – always use a tripod, unless you have a VERY steady hand and can walk as if you are on wheels.

Steer clear of any restless camera movements that may distract viewers – that includes using a tripod and swinging the tripod head around aimlessly. If you want to start in one place and finish in another – do it slowly and only ever in one direction.

If you’re doing a voice over or a piece to camera to describe your work, avoid swearing and complicated terms that only other joiners would understand.

Don’t make it too long-winded – you only need about 30 seconds of footage to make it the most watchable it can be. Sure, shoot more than you need – but be ruthless when you edit… More on that in the next installment!

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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