Don’t worry if you’re just getting started with video content, because your trusty smartphone is all you need to make the magic happen!

Your phone’s camera is capable of capturing high-quality videos, optimize your settings by setting the resolution to full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels. Any more and you’ll just create unnecessary work.

Please note – your phone might default to the highest quality settings which are likely to be 4k – so check that yours is set to HD as the video quality will not be impeded, but the final videos will be quicker to upload and within the file sizes permitted by things like Instagram and Facebook.

If your work is conducted indoors, ensure there are good lighting conditions. Film in the brightest part of the day, wait for a sunny day if possible and never film looking into bright light where possible – always choose a location to film with good light behind you.

The most important add-on to get is to invest in a good quality phone tripod. Tripods will improve the professional look of your videos immensely. When using the tripod, have it in one position and move the camera on the tripod to get different angles.

Here are some recommendations available from Amazon

And here are some other accessories that will help:


If you’re going to describe your work in a piece to camera – or get a testimonial from a customer – a good clip mic will take your videos to the next level

Clip mic

As you get more confident, you can pan around a scene on the tripod – but our advice is the SLOWER you pan – the better the results.

Don’t have the tripod panning back and forth like a searchlight either – it doesn’t look good. You can also use the pinch zoon on your phone screen to great effect whilst holding the tripod perfectly still with your other hand. A bit like the one handed operation of Ulti-Mate Woodscrews!

Add basic accessories for that extra professional touch. With these simple tools and settings, you’ll be on your way to creating engaging videos that showcase your business and captivate your audience.

More articles to come in the following weeks.

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