It’s a bold statement, but one which has never been more correct than it is right now. Here’s why advertising isn’t working…


The cost

First and foremost, successful advertising campaigns rely on repetition. You have to repeat the advert a number of times before the person you intend to see it actually does see it. That can get expensive and depending on where you advertise, it could lead to big bills.


The uncertainty

Digital advertising (on Google for example) is charged by the click. That means if someone clicks on your advert, you pay. That doesn’t mean they’re going to spend money with you, it just means they were interested enough to click on the advert. A good yardstick is that for every 100 ads people click on – you’ll make approximately 2 sales.


The competition

Everyone is trying to get your attention – from car manufacturers to banks and beyond. This means that if you advertise, your message is likely to get lost in the blizzard of other adverts. Without realising it, you see around 350 ads on social media and Google per day. The trouble is, you don’t even notice most of them.


The mindset of people online

The web is a cold user-driven experience, you the user decides where you go next. The user is usually on the Web for a purpose and is not likely to be distracted from the goal by an advertisement. The user is not on the Web to “get an experience” but to get something done. The Web is not simply a “customer-oriented” medium; it’s a customer-dominated medium. The user owns the Back button. Get over it: there is no way of trapping users in an ad if they don’t want it. This is known as ‘banner blindness’.


The solution

By building your review numbers you give yourself the best chance of being seen and accepted online. People online are on a mission to find information and trust their own judgement when associating great 5 star reviews with a firm they can trust.


More articles to come in the following weeks.

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