Why it’s crucial to improve your presence on LinkedIn – and how to do it

A man applied for a role in a large engineering company and made it through to the final two candidates. He had all the attributes and experience required to excel in the role and a CV that would be the envy of many of his peers. Yet he didn’t get the job – and was astonished to learn the reason why…

When he enquired, he was informed that a proportion of the points scoring system for selection was based on the candidates social media presence. Whilst Chris (let’s call him Chris) was on LinkedIn – his profile completion and activity was way under par compared to his rival – and on that basis he missed out on that crucial job opportunity.

Many professionals neglect to build their personal brands. We’re trained at building companies’ brands, but how often do we apply those skills toward establishing ourselves as successful candidates for new business opportunities or advanced career roles?

It isn’t enough to simply have a LinkedIn page – there’s more work to do if you want to make the most of every opportunity available to you. What we’ll share is curated hints and tips from LinkedIn experts to ensure that in a similar situation, you don’t miss out on the job of your dreams.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll help you build a LinkedIn profile that any company would approve of.

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