Social media is all about segmentation. Are you targeting younger users? Then use TikTok or Twitch. Older customers might prefer Facebook or Instagram, whereas B2B sales require a presence on LinkedIn. Identify who your typical users are and zero in on those you want to target.

This way you’ll reach a segment that’s best suited to your business. By using tools like Sprout Social’s audience targeting you can choose criteria like location, age, gender, interests and more to target your ideal customers.


This means your objectives should be:

Specific: Give concrete targets (followers, views, shares).

Measurable: How will you know you’ve succeeded?

Achievable: Are your targets realistic?

Relevant: Do your KPIs (key performance indicators) measure engagement?

Time-bound: Set a fixed point for assessing campaign success.

Take a tip from creators and influencers. They are often explicit with their goals and targets (i.e., “Help me reach 100,000 followers!”). This will help you define a strategy that is focused on the growth you want to achieve.