Welcome to the Ulti-Mate ® Marketing Tool Kit. A selection of curated content designed to help you improve your marketing knowledge and understanding of the core benefits of Ulti-Mate ®, Timber Wolf ® Screws and their patented Stick-Fit ® and Hex Stick ® technology. The content will be divided into three sections – depending on your role:


Ulti-Mate Screws Marketing Tool Kit


• C Suite – Marketing insights and innovations for directors and executives in the construction industry

• Retail – Marketing and CPD content for Managers and Assistant Managers at both store and regional level

• Trade – Practical tips and advice to help craftspeople win more business or improve the quality of project opportunities


We’ll add fresh content regularly, and the content will be divided into the three categories above, so you can find the most relevant new content for you with ease. Don’t forget to follow us on social media on the platform you prefer to see the latest updates:

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